Copywriting and Editing Projects


Operations Manager Manages to Make Heavy Furniture Light

I’m going to be writing some scripts for Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle podcast, where he discusses people who have started successful and often fascinating side jobs. This one is about a woman who has discovered she can make good money delivering furniture she picks up from IKEA. Published in May 2017 on the Side Hustle School.

Wired for Story: Empathy and the New Brand Storytelling with Tom Gerace

An interview with Tom Gerace, the CEO of Skyword, which helps brands connect with creatives, on the company’s deep push into the power of storytelling, and his work with legendary author and teacher Robert McKee. Published in May 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Storytelling: Using the Moth to Turn to the Light

Companies can feel creative constraints when they stretch to open their storytelling wings. This piece gleans the best storytelling advice from master tale-tellers, The Moth. Published in May 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Improve Your Freelancer’s Money Attitude and Make Bank

A freelancer’s income can have more jolts than a busted-up roller coaster. But a big way to smooth out the bumps is to control your attitude about your freelancing income and resources. It’s amazing how a clear mindset can help fill lonely pockets. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in May 2017.

Global Marketing Anatomy: It Takes a Delicate Design to Make Content Shine

The complications and confusions of marketing departments organized into non-communicating silos is inefficient enough, but when the company is international? Trouble. Here are some approaches to make the trouble much less troubling. Published in April 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

How to Choose a Content Marketing Provider (Hint: You Can’t Just Order Off a Menu)

There’s a bounty of agencies and entities, big and little, to work with companies to plan strategy, provide content marketing, dig into data and tie ribbons on the industry prizes their work wins for you. But how to choose? Some advice here. Published in April 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Working During an Internet Outage to Keep Your Business Lights On

Crikee, the power and the Internet went out multiple times during this drenching California winter. For us working out of our houses, that’s bad. But there are some options that worked out OK. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in April 2017.

Confessions of a Global Negotiator
I edited Confessions of a Global Negotiator, a how-to on how to persuade, negotiate with skill and confidence, and make the best deals. Published in March, 2017.

How Proper Talent Management Prevents CIOs and CMOs from Butting Heads

Your tech guy might think keeping the servers sizzling is his only concern, and the marketing maven thinks customer engagement is the only worry, but today’s businesses know that the twain have finally met—and managing talent is the meeting place. Published in March 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Surgeon’s Story
I edited Surgeon’s Story, a biography of an accomplished pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, who fixes the tiny hearts of the tiniest children. Published in March, 2017.

How to Properly Diagnose a Failed Email Campaign

Email campaigns are powerful components of successful marketing. But when they are done badly, man, can they stink up the joint. (And send your customers away holding their noses.) Published in March 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Tips to Stay Focused — Don’t Fritter Away Your Freelancing

Ahh, the freelancing life: a little Twitter, a little YouTube, a little Facebook. What, I had a deadline? Let’s think about this. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in March 2017.

Does Native Advertising Work?

Native advertising got a bit of a black eye when it was used deceptively. But there are ways to make it a useful component of your marketing toolkit. Published in March 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Movies in Your Customer’s Minds: Video Marketing Trends, Take 10

There is a growing mass of statistics (and viewers) that points to the power of video marketing in 2017. Need proof? Check out these ten trends. Published in February 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Not Your Dad’s Content Marketing Trends—But Maybe Your Great (x5000) Granddad’s

The latest content marketing trends—by way of 40,000-year old cave paintings. Storytelling: it sticks. Published in February 2017 in the Content Standard, Skyword’s marketing industry newsletter.

Advertising on a Budget and Spending Your Dollars Wisely

Freelancers often don’t have a lot of spare dough to advertise their goods and services. But you can start small on some of the major platforms (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) and get tracked results. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in February 2017.

The Freelance Bartering Economy: Trading Talents and Saving Bacon

You might be surprised how your skills can be traded for services from people who have entirely different skills—and ones you need. The bartering economy never died. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in January 2017.

Avoiding Common Freelance Budgeting Mistakes With Common Sense

There’s a little more here than “Don’t buy a Corvette with your first paycheck,” but we can probably agree that common sense is sometimes not all that common. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in January 2017.

The Art of Human Resources
I edited The Art of Human Resources, “… a customized roadmap to find career satisfaction in the HR industry while making an impact on the company you serve.” Published in January, 2017.

Navigating the Winding Roads of Health Insurance for Independent Contractors

It’s complicated, but there are resources as well as good advice for freelancers to find health coverage, though easy and cheap benefits aren’t so easy and cheap. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in January 2017.

Creating an Elevator Pitch? Push the Right Buttons

How to put together an elevator pitch for your business that is crisp, lively and demonstrates to your prospects that you can solve their problems. Written for the IndyLife site, published by Fidelity, on freelancing tactics and resources. Published in January 2017.

The Reality of Independent Contracting: Not All Cushions, Not All Pins

I get to be a wise old sage (or maybe just old) here, speaking of the glories and the gutters of being a freelance contractor, and handing out some free advice. This is for a new IndyLife site published by Fidelity on freelancing tactics and resources; I’ll be writing some more of these. Published in December 2016.

Residential Solar Energy: Your Guide To Whether Solar Will Save You Money
I copyedited Residential Solar Energy: Your Guide To Whether Solar Will Save You Money, a roundup of “… essential information will give you the confidence to make the most informed decision about when to go solar with your home. You’ll find this book is your definitive guide on how and when you should go solar.”

Staying Supreme, Staying Alive
A look at how the Supreme clothing company developed its customer base with clever marketing and go-viral practices. And if that virality can be sustained. Published in September 2016 on Content Marketing.

The State of the Marketing Arts (and Sciences)
My brief interview with the delightful Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs on what’s current and what’s to come in marketing. Published in June 2016 on Content Marketing.

Earned Media, Irony-Style: What PBR Learned
When hipsters decided Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was it (oh, the humanity!), it was it. Briefly. What happens when branding depends on shooting stars. Published in June 2016 on Content Marketing.

Immersion via URL: The Websites Telling Brand Tales
A look at how some brands use amazingly immersive website tools to draw readers (and potential customers) in. Published in May 2016 on Content Marketing.

The China Factor: Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow, and Win in the New Global Economy
I copyedited The China Factor: Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow, and Win in the New Global Economy Strategies, tips and solutions for how to succeed in emerging markets against strong Chinese competition and tactics. Published in May of 2016.

Keynote Mastery: The Personal Journey of a Professional Speaker
I copyedited Keynote Mastery: The Personal Journey of a Professional Speaker In the trenches tales of how to become a professional speaker, warts and all. Published in January of 2016.

VentureBeat is “… the leading source for news, events, groundbreaking research and perspective on technology innovation.” I just finished a series of posts including exploration of summit themes, speaker profiles and event information for their Marketing.FWD summit that took place in late February. Here are a few examples. (I wrote 12 in all.)

Marketing in your (smiling) face: Marketing.FWD Summit will stimulate, provoke, and amuse

Sam Clemens, CMO? Discover Twainian leadership tactics at Marketing.FWD Summit

Step outside the Marketing.FWD Summit for a taste of the Big Apple

See all the right stops on the customer journey at Marketing.FWD Summit

Putting together the puzzle pieces of marketing ROI: Experts lay it out at Marketing.FWD Summit

GoDaddy, American Express, and Starwood Hotels to talk technology, customer engagement, and growth at Marketing.FWD Summit

Dunkin’ Brands’ president of marketing will fill your cup with hot ideas and leadership strategies

Prolific personalization pushes GoDaddy into marketing’s top tier

A Still, Small Voice
I edited A Still, Small Voice, the second book in Joel D Canfield’s Phil Brennan murder mysteries. Published in January, 2016.

Weber Shandwick
This sounds convoluted, but it works: I wrote a series of posts for Essilor (a client of Weber Shandwick’s) set up through the “content broker” Contently. All of the pieces are on eye care, with a wide range of actual topic subjects.

I’ve written 16 in all; here are some samples:

How to Avoid Germs on Glasses
How Are Eyeglass Lenses Made?
Ditch the Blue Light—and Ditch the Bad-Light Blues?

Chocolate Pudding in Heaven: The Intriguing Journey of My Bipolar Mind
I copyedited Chocolate Pudding in Heaven: The Intriguing Journey of My Bipolar Mind A tough, challenging and inspiring memoir of a woman with bi-polar disease who becomes a stand-up comedian. Published in January 2016.

Beyond the Morning HUDDLE: HR Management for a Successful Dental Practice
I copyedited Beyond the Morning HUDDLE: HR Management for a Successful Dental Practice Strategies, tips and solutions for how to best manage personnel issues in a dental practice.

That She Is Made of Truth
I edited That She Is Made of Truth, the first book in Joel D Canfield’s Jesse Donovan murder mysteries. Published in September, 2015.

I copyedited Avanaux: A Hickory Lace Adventure, book one of a science fiction trilogy—sequels to come. Aliens and old prophecies collide.

The Superbeing Protocol: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Super-Healthy and Super-Fit and Living an Extraordinary Life
I copyedited The Superbeing Protocol: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Super-Healthy and Super-Fit and Living an Extraordinary Life, An inspirational work on taking control of your health, your motivations and your successes.

Into the Fog
I copyedited Into the Fog, the second book in Joel D Canfield’s Irish murder mysteries.

Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Career
I copyedited Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Career, a book “… for anyone who has ever personally felt the pain of knowing they weren’t fully engaged at work or at home (or both), has an important person in his or her life experiencing this or perhaps manages a team that is struggling with disengagement.” This work will tell you how to re-engage.

A Long, Hard Look
I copyedited A Long, Hard Look, a “Chandleresque cozy” murder mystery. (With a first line like “It was one of those days when breakfast wanted to be cheap whiskey straight from the bottle,” you know you’re getting something flavorful.)

Life: The Next Phase
I copyedited Life: the Next Phase, a book “designed to help you navigate the most common issues of your aging parents or loved ones.”

I wrote a number of promo marketing emails for Google, for enterprise customers of their professional apps. (Engaged through the “content broker” Skyword.) Some of the pieces are internal, and some haven’t been published yet, but I’ll post examples when I can.

Where Some See Barriers, We See Bridges
A piece on understanding and operating in local markets for global companies, written for HSBC’s Global Connections site. I’ve also written a few internal communications pieces for this international bank.

Web Personalization 101
I made substantive writing and editing contributions to this Marketo ebook on how to deliver dynamic, individualized messages for web visitors to move them through the marketing funnel. Marketo is a provider of sophisticated marketing automation software.

Major Baseball Promotions at the Minor League Level
A blog post on how using the attractions and special promotions native to minor league baseball games to boost attention and ticket sales. Written for TicketingToday.

Stir the Social Media Pot for Effective Millennial Marketing
A blog post on how to market to millennials, a group known to resist traditional marketing and in-your-face advertising. There are some ways, but insincerity ain’t one of them. Written for TicketingToday.

Edgy Conversations
I did some substantive editing on the recently released Edgy Conversations, written by entrepreneur and business consultant/strategist Dan Waldschmidt. It’s a detailed, example-filled and “… gut-wrenchingly honest, no-holds-barred discussion about confronting and fixing the beliefs and behaviors that limit your ability to be amazing.”

I’ve written case studies, product reviews and an ebook guide for FatStax, a developer of iPad apps to help sales teams display deep product and services information to prospects in the field, among other things.

Travel Site Revamps Landing Pages to Maximize Revenue
I made substantive editing and writing contributions to this case study for one of Optimizely’s clients. Optimizely is a provider of sophisticated testing software for website content promotion and tracking.

The Mad Duck
I did developmental editing, line editing and proofing on this intrepid adventurer’s account of the travels of The Globetrotting Princess and her motivational inspirations.

e-Nicotine Technology
I copyedited a 125-page technical briefing document to be presented to the FDA, providing information about the company’s e-nicotine delivery product (not an e-cigarette) and the specifications for its proposed clinical trials.

I copyedited Bananacondas, an instructional book on how to get your kids to eat the same foods as you, at the same time, without major stress.

I worked with “Rejection Rejecter” Jia Jiang on materials for his Fearbuster site on overcoming rejection. So far, I’ve written the page promoting his speaking engagements; as well as his About page.

Smile Philadelphian Dentistry
I’ve worked with Dr. Rick Wilson on a few projects. Here, for his dental practice website, I did some substantive editing on the Services page and his Initial Options and Treatment page as well. Smile!

Clear Content Marketing (now partnering with Skyword)
I worked with this sales and marketing technology content provider on branding, blogging, site content and other writing projects for various companies. To date, corporate blogging and marketing collateral projects for Silverpop, Xactly, and PGi. I’ve also worked on Wavicle’s customer profiling/messaging library.

Here are some corporate-messaging blog posts and a report I did substantive work on:



The Spreadsheet Is Dead—Long Live Incentive Compensation


Caring, Loving and Sharing
I wrote all the content for this Palm Desert, CA business providing a range of in-home care services.

I wrote the About, Offerings and Career pages for this Silicon Valley product-design consultancy.

Eureka Squirrel
I wrote the “How We…” and About pages content for this company that helps creatives with focus and direction on their projects.

I wrote most of the site content for this telecommunications software company.

Charbel Bouez Visual Communications
I wrote the About and Exhibitions pages for this art and commercial photographer.

Press Releases

I’ve written many press releases (as well as a couple of speeches) for some Middle Eastern clients; here are a few examples:

Ketel One Vodka

Château Ksara Wines

Leo Burnett Agency

SNS (Supply Network Solutions)

Business Blogging

I wrote a series of blog posts about the allures of the Los Cabos, Mexico area that also contained promotional information for Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations properties and area activities. Here are a few examples:

Surf’s Up in the East Cape

Perfect Weddings with the Team of “Be That Bride Events”

Tips on Tipping in Los Cabos

The Perks of Professional Property Management

Tranquility on the Bay of Dreams, Baja Sur

Vertaal Translation Services
I wrote the website copy for this translation and language services company that serves Middle Eastern clients. There is still a bit of site-design tweaking going on, but almost all of the content is mine.

Source Wellness Nutritional Services
I wrote most of the content describing the health and nutrition programs for this Santa Cruz, CA-based company.

FBAT/Health Futures Group
For two years I wrote and edited an online newspaper and portal for information for the Health Futures Group, which is part of military/civilian think-tank of sorts. The group’s general commission is exploring and projecting the future of health in the year 2045, in 15-year increments from now. Sadly, despite beingpart of the military-industrial complex, I never got a custom uniform …

Stryker Hip Arthroscopy Brochure
Just to prove I’m hip (sorry), here’s a brochure on arthroscopic hip instruments for one of the field’s big manufacturers. This went through committee-style editing, but it does still retain a lot of my original writing. And it has words like “femoroacetabular” in there, just so you’ll have something to chew on.

Odontocomm Productions
I edited this series of books on dentistry communication issues and techniques, written by a career dental hygienist and communications expert.

The Social Media Survival Guide for Nonprofits
I edited The Social Media Guide for Nonprofits, a book on the use of social media techniques and consciousness to promote the goals of nonprofit organizations. Written by the Director of Communications at the Wharton School, it will come out later this year.

Erica McLane
I edited the 310-page memoirs of a woman who had a truly intriguing and tumultuous time in the 1960s, including founding the Honkies for Huey [Newton] group. Will work with her on queries and platform. (No link because she’s developing her online presence.)

Bob Poole
I wrote most of the site content for this super sales consultant and business guru.

I edited S.E.R.I.A.L.Preneurship, a book on serial entrepreneurs co-written by the Director of Communications at the Wharton School.

La Famiglia radio ad
I wrote this 60-second radio slot for a restaurant. Broadcast on KYW Newsradio, a mainstream Philadelphia radio station.

Colorado Ranch Weddings
Using my vast knowledge about marriage, I wrote promotional material for this vacation site, as well as for its sister site. Most of the content on these pages is mine.

I had a six-month contract with this enterprise-level security company, writing and editing help/deployment documentation for their Data Security product. Here’s a chapter of the Deployment Guide I did a lot of work on, including taking/processing screen shots; docs laid out in Framemaker. I also wrote and edited Knowledge Base articles.

Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations

I was mostly out of the freelance game for 2006-2008; below are examples of the kinds of projects I worked on during that time as a senior copywriter for Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations (ESSV), as well as some side projects.

I wrote all of the text for the features and amenities of this private Lake Tahoe vacation home (including the extensive local activities sections).

Vacation Guide
I was the primary writer/editor for the 186-page vacation guide, which contained many pages of editorial content (regional flavor, history, culture, activities and more) about the Los Cabos area, as well as extensive property descriptions for the villas and resorts the company represented. From this link you can look at the guide online or download a copy.

Insider’s Pocket Guide
A downloadable PDF of reviews and lists of restaurants, nightlife, beaches, activities and more in Los Cabos, as well as important phone numbers, customs info and a FAQ. Around 60 pages, and again, I was the primary writer/editor.

Email Campaigns
This is a partial example of the many promotional emails I wrote and produced (using Constant Contact) and sent out to ESSV’s various mailing lists, which I managed. You can see many more examples here, mine from July ’06 until Aug. ’08.

An example of a quarterly newsletter I wrote and produced for the property owners of ESSV. Here’s another one written quarterly for members of an ESSV travel club. This last is an example of the monthly internal newsletters, parts of which as you can see could be a bit eccentric.

Press Releases
These are not conventional press releases in the common parlance, but more like promotional pieces for ESSV, some article-like, some not. I wrote most of those posted here (exceptions noted) between July ’06 and Aug. ’08.

Print Ads
One of many ads I wrote for magazines such as Travel Agent, Cabo Living and Los Cabos Magazine.

For a couple of years, I was the voice of the Los Cabos fishing report, provided to ESSV from Pisces Fishing in Los Cabos. Search iTunes for “Los Cabos” and choose the Los Cabos Fishing Report.

Older Content (Pre-ESSV Materials)

Web Content/Documentation/Inline Text & Scripts

This business services development company engaged me to write their website content, as well as write several direct mail pieces for marketing campaigns and a series of data sheets for their development tools.

Maxis (a division of Electronic Arts)
As an employee or contractor, I wrote or edited 20 user manuals for Maxis (now a division of Electronic Arts), the company renowned for SimCity and other “Sim” software entertainment titles. I wrote the first user manual for The Sims. I also wrote “catalog” copy for The Sims 2, and in-game advisor text for SimCity 4.

I helped write the Getting Started guide for Dana, the Palm OS-based laptop alternative. I also helped write the User Guide for an outliner program for the AlphaSmart 3000 “computer companion” text processor.

Red i Studios
I wrote in-game text/dialog for Banks in Action, an educational banking simulation Red i developed for Junior Achievement. I wrote and edited in-game text and collateral documentation for both versions of JA Titan, a business/economics simulation game for Junior Achievement. I also wrote much of Red i’s website content and other text for a viral game related to Titan. I wrote commentator dialog for a Leapfrog kids’ baseball game developed by Red i.

Nautilus Resort
I wrote most of the site text for this great dive resort in Kosrae, Micronesia.

I edited Sun Microsystem’s Chilisoft ASP documentation (and what a long, eye-torquing journey it was).

The Learning Company (now Broderbund)
I wrote the manuals and online help for Grade Builder and Score Builder educational games (now discontinued). Print samples available.

Brochures/Data Sheets/Direct Mail/Case Studies

Tahoe Maps
I wrote the sales brochure for this company that produces archival-quality maps that meld seafloor mapping with landform topography and detail overlays.

Resumix (acquired by Yahoo HotJobs)
I either wrote or edited all of the customer case studies for this automated, enterprise HR software company, the front page of one example here. I also wrote the Resumix University materials brochure, and many miscellaneous direct mail/marketing-collateral pieces, including the Resumix 6 brochure. Print samples available.

I wrote the first WebEx Server data sheet copy and did extensive rewrites on a WebEx Services whitepaper. I’ve also written many direct e-mail/mail pieces, package copy, a Focus on Collaboration Servers article and the first data sheet for the WebEx Meeting Center product. Print samples available.

FVC (acquired by Radvision)
I wrote the brochure for Click to Meet, FVC’s enterprise-level two-way video product. You can download the PDF here.

I wrote a marketing brochure for this IT consulting company.

I did a lot of writing and editing for the Delphi 6 (a Windows development environment product) data sheet and worked on the package copy.

Zone Labs
I did a lot of writing and editing on the first ZoneAlarm Pro Administrator’s Guide, as well as worked on press releases and other marketing collateral for this Internet security products company.

Electronic Scrip Incorporated
Many of these website materials are derived from print materials I wrote; print samples of brochure and collateral materials available.

AOA Geophysics
I wrote the 8-page company brochure for this geophysical services (regional reconnaissance, prospect modeling, production site analysis) company, the first page of which is here. Print samples available.


Transformed by Triathlon

I edited Transformed by Triathlon, a first-person account of an improbable athlete succeeding in redefining herself.

UnTechnical Press
I edited all of Michael Bremer’s books, which cover significant aspects of clear and effective technical writing in this age of ubiquitous technology. I wrote a book called Safe Computing (covering computing ergonomics, virus and privacy protection, and much more), published by UnTechnical Press in Fall 2000.

Kennan Ward Photography
I did substantive editing on all of Kennan’s five books, the latest of which was published in October of 2001. Check their online store for mini-reviews or use the Amazon search link on Kennan’s site to see Amazon reviews of the works.

Bradford and Company
I did substantive editing on Tax Strategies to 2010 and Beyond, a 220-page book on tax solutions for small businesses. I edited Tax Reduction Newsletter, the company’s monthly publication for a couple of years.

Neon Signs of ServiceI edited The Neon Signs of Service, a book about providing excellent customer service.

Ads/Marketing Collateral/Press Releases/Multimedia

California State University, Monterey Bay
I’ve written a number of press releases for the News and Public Information Department of this university.

I wrote and produced a press kit (including press release, FAQ, company bios and collateral) for this transportation industry manufacturer.

I wrote all the marketing materials for the Connexion conference event for this Voice over DSL services provider (now morphed into a different business model), which included several printed collateral pieces. Here is the first panel of the invitation to that event. I also wrote the company case study (essentially a whitepaper) that helped get them nominated for the Smithsonian’s Technology Innovation Collection for the year 2000.

I wrote and helped produce a series of Bay Area radio ads for this now-defunct free online storage company. Check out this MP3 sample.

I wrote a number of ads and data sheets for Ricoh hardware products; here is the front page of one, and the back. I also wrote the script for a Ricoh multimedia product CD. Print/CD samples available.

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