The Write Word Fiction Samples

This page used to house a number of my published short stories, but because most of those were published in a collection in late May of 2012, along with many new stories, I’ve just left the link for All That Glitters below, a sordid tale of guilt, shame (and shoplifting).

You can also download for free Flowering, the title story of my collection. Flowering’s 16 stories are built around themes of loss, social disruption, mistaken judgment & stumbling redemption. Characters are complex and not always charming, but their colors are memorably bright.

All That Glitters
Winner of the National Steinbeck Center’s 1999 Short Story Contest.

Here’s the cover of Flowering and Other Stories, my short story collection, published through Author Mike Ink. The link goes to Amazon, but it’s also available at Barnes and Noble.

Here’s the cover of my novel, published as an ebook on Amazon.

All Roads Are Circles is a story of innocence lost, knowledge gained, and the sweet madness of accepting a ride with driver after driver who might not—or definitely don’t—have their passengers’ best interests in mind. A wild ride; seat belts optional.

Flowering and Other Stories