Readin’, Writin’, No Rithmetic

C’mon in, and sit a spell. What can words do for you today? I hope they can do as much for you as they’ve done for me, which is give both the roots and the flowers of imagination. (And yeah, the words of commerce should be in the imagination business too.)

If you’re hunting for copywriting with a flavorful tang, I’m happy to stir something up for you. In the meantime, I’m working on articles for a range of publications, and another memoir, about my nutzoid 30+ years of correspondence with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. And a novel to come after that.

Words, can’t get enough of them.

Stories Will Still Be Stitched

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Nothing here has really changed: it’s all of a piece with loving language and its offspring: sentences, paragraphs, books. Here’s a toast to curiosity, literature, a good laugh, and better days to come for all. 

Say Hello — I’m around if you want to send a smoke signal.


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