Copywriting to Move Minds

Stories win hearts and minds. And stories are built of words.

Your business—or your book—needs to set its story straight (or appealingly crooked, if need be) to gain the higher ground of your audience. Or even to gain a wry grin from your customers—light humor also opens doors.

Use the Right Words to Tell Your Story

Make your life easier: tell your story so you can sell your products and services, or professionally position yourself in a noisy marketplace. Whether your words are intended to explain, persuade, engage or amuse, they have to be the right words. From 300-word blog posts to ten-page whitepapers, every word on them should be the right word.

Tell Your Stories So People Lean In and Listen

I’ll work with you to coax the most persuasive words out of their shy copywriting cave. If your organization needs dynamic language, a sizzling slant and a credible tone to sell your products, connect with your customers, or pitch your ideas with a compelling curve—The Write Word’s professional writing and editing services will provide you with those right words.

Edit Your Pitch to Perfection

Whether you need a broad new content-marketing campaign, major rewrites of existing publications, or just a careful editing eye to give old documents new life, I can keep your message on target, on time and within budget.

Whether your book is nonfiction or fiction, a good edit can make your words richer and clearer.

Contact me — Let’s work together to create persuasive publications that get readers to react and customers to convert.


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