Readin’, Writin’, No Rithmetic

For a long while, the words that resided here were directed to copywriting and editing clients, work I performed—with no small interest—for many years. The pandemic pulled me back a smidge from those tasks, and the post-pandemic (which isn’t actually here, but one can hope), has tilted us all, but I’m still available for select copywriting projects.

I’ve continued to have pieces of mine published in magazines, newspapers (where they still exist), and online, but I’m shaving the wide number of publication pitches to narrower numbers. Books, my own and those of other authors, have hijacked a chunk of my time and my thoughts. 

I’m still available for special copywriting or editing work, but as with many folks, for me, it’s a time of transition. Time to get back to writing some fiction, and there’s another memoir (about my nutzoid 30+ years of correspondence with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery) or novel to come.

Stories Will Still Be Stitched

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Nothing’s really changed: it’s all of a piece with loving language and its offspring: sentences, paragraphs, books. Here’s a toast to curiosity, literature, a good laugh, and better days to come. 

Say Hello — I’m around if you want to send a smoke signal.

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