“Tom was great to work with. I implemented all his edits and rewrite suggestions. He always met his timeframe forecasts and was very responsive to all my questions. He quickly adopts the writer’s voice which is very helpful. With Tom’s help, my book is a much better product. Thanks Tom.”
— Stephanie Chandler, Authority Publishing


We Can Work Together to Make Your Words Shine

Maybe you’ve got an information flood at your office and no editing towels to soak it up. Maybe the deadline for your ad, your website update, your brochure is knocking at the back of your skull—and loudly. Maybe you’ve got something great to sell, but are missing the words to make the sale.
It doesn’t matter if your pitch is stuck between some pages or is just streaming electrons across a screen, it is useless if it isn’t read. It might be the style, it might be the substance — it might be something as simple as an errant typo or two that closes the eyes of your audience.

Whether the Words are Intended to Explain, Persuade, Engage or Amuse …

Whether the words are intended to explain, persuade, engage or amuse, they have to be the right words. Need a press release, a brochure, an ad, a user manual? From one-page sell sheets to twenty-page white papers, every word on them should be the right word.
Your organization needs dynamic language, a sizzling slant and a tuned-in tone to sell your products, inform your customers, or pitch your ideas with a compelling curve—the Write Word’s professional writing and editing services will provide you with those right words.
Keep Your Message on Target, on Time and Within Budget
Whether you need a broad new campaign, major rewrites of existing publications, or just a careful editing eye to give old documents new life, I can keep your message on target, on time and within budget. And that message will move your readers to act.

Contact me — I love working with clients to get their words, their stories and their connections with their customers just right. Used well, words are the most powerful tools there are!

Let me help you create persuasive publications that get readers to react.

My work has been featured in Vox, The Washington Post, Forbes, Popular Mechanics, MarketingProfs, The American Scholar, the Los Angeles Times, Writer’s Digest and in many other national publications. Let’s create a wide audience for your work too.

Read what some gracious clients have written about my work on the Testimonials page. Here’s a sample:

“Tom’s work with Edgy Conversations was transformational. He brought the words together into a series of chapters that made the story powerful. His suggestions were insightful and helpful. Simply invaluable.”
Dan Waldschmidt — Edgy Conversations