Tropical Breezes Are Best Accompanied by a Foot Fetish

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Bit of an infrequent blogger of late, and longer days yet since I’ve read one of my stories aloud here. I know how much my audience has been waiting for a story set on a tropical island. With the main character having a foot fetish. Make that both feet. Done.

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4 thoughts on “Tropical Breezes Are Best Accompanied by a Foot Fetish

  1. Joel, I always have your feet top of mind (though I protect myself by giving you thick socks).

    One of the odder aspects of the island we lived on was that a high percentage—maybe 25%—of the cars on the island had smashed or cracked windows from coconuts falling on them. Even though it happened all the time, people would still park near coconut palms, the wind would come up and blammo!

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