Editing: It Ain’t for Sissies

A one-minute video exhibition of the unusual editing tools the crafty editor must employ.

Oh, something else: the free downloads of my short story collection end soon, and you can win a Amazon gift card too. (Still can’t decide if this sounds sleazy or solicitous.)

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9 thoughts on “Editing: It Ain’t for Sissies

  1. I know it’s a lotta work, but you need to do more video.

    What about some examples of each? Create a robust article based on the teases in the video.

    Never use the blow gun if you have hiccups.

  2. Hey Joel, thanks. I do like to do the videos, though it can take some time. But it puts me in a different kind of creative challenge other than writing, and that’s a pleasure. Funny you mention it, but I was toying with doing some posts on what a developmental edit as contrasted with a line edit is, but I wasn’t sure who would care.

    I’ll keep your advice on the blowgun/hiccough association. If you noticed in the video, I originally put the second dart in wrong (barb-side toward me), which would have been a prickly inhalation indeed.

  3. Did you see Seth’s post about the types of editing?

    Writers should care about them. I see writers asking about “finding an editor” all the time (I send them here, of course) but many seem befuddled about which type of editor they mean.

    I personally love developmental or structural editing. Less exuberant about line editing.

  4. Your videos always combine humor and a point well made, Tom. You should make more of them. Including at least one in a carwash. Carwash videos are an under-explored means of teaching; to knowledge, only Joel here has attempted them.

    *My gosh–you two could have a teaching conversation about developmental edits and line edits–with Tom in a carwash in Watsonville and Joel in a carwash in Wisconsin. What’s so great about the genre (besides those big spinning brushy things) is that it compels brevity…

  5. By the hoary hand of Hoggath, do I remember that there was a tribal car wash video in days of yore? Verily, they are things of beauty and moment. And suds. A slice-in-time car scrubby simulcast does sound novel. (A novel that needs some editing, but don’t they all?)

  6. Though we might could pull something off the week of March 17th-20th if y’all haven’t fled the country.

    “How a Mini Cooper in a car wash is like all the forms of editing and why you shouldn’t attempt this without professional training”

  7. I truly hope you two chaps make this happen.

    Btw, I write this comment on my phone & the autocorrect rendered it thus:

    “I truly hope you two chaos make this happen.”

    It’s a sign, guys. It’s a sign.

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