The Editing and Style Guide Doffs Its Swaddling Clothes

As I threatened you with earlier, I’ve written a 55-page Easy Editing and Spiffy Style Guide that will make the world safe for clean copy and sterling style. The guide (whose handsome bookish face you can see—and click on!—to your right) is a collection of editing tips and advice for anyone who needs to spruce up the written word. Or at least ensure that their written words don’t have that telltale trace of toilet paper on their shoes when they emerge into society. You can try before you buy with this 8-page sampler.

As I explain on the landing page, the guide holds these within its happy walls:

• Best Practices in Editing—Learn how editing is critical to effective communication
• Editing Tools—How to use all editing tools to maximum effect
• Types of and Approaches to Editing—Harness the power of every editing stage
• Proofreading Methods and Examples—Don’t let typos tangle your efforts
• Editing Checklists—Perfect your documents, step-by-step
• Editing Resources—In-context URLs providing expanded editing knowledge
• Style Guide Covering Numbers, Possessives, Semicolons and More!
• A Pocketful of General Usage Tips

And, as the saying goes, much more! Oh yeah—it costs money. But not much, and it’s worth its weight in chocolate electrons if it saves you from the humiliation I felt
years ago, when as the copyeditor of a big software company I let the annual product guide go out with the incorrect 800 number on the order page—a number I’d seen approximately 101,000 times.

Oh yeah—the guide’s kinda funny too.

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10 thoughts on “The Editing and Style Guide Doffs Its Swaddling Clothes

  1. Why, Schultzerinskatron, how nice of you to sashay by! And since I know you have some formidable editing chops of your own, I appreciate the props. Props, chops, porkchops—it’s all good.

  2. I appreciate your well-wishes for the babe, Annie. After it’s properly spanked, I’ll transfer it to your shoulder to take care of the spit-up. Though once up from crawling, the training wheels will be on a Ferrari.

  3. Tom,

    I bought the guide. There is an error on page 18.

    Just kidding! This is what every (okay, me)blooger needs for the next step up.
    Live it LOUD!

  4. Rob, I love your attitude. (Uh, waiter, show this guy the door.) No, if you find a typo, please DO tell me, so I can correct it. And I can send Lenny to your house.

    I do appreciate you strolling through, and I’ll check out your site.

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