Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations (Corporate Copywriting)

I was mostly out of the freelance game for 2006-2008; below are examples of the kinds of projects I worked on during that time as a senior copywriter for Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations (ESSV), as well as some side projects.

I wrote all of the text for the features and amenities of this private Lake Tahoe vacation home (including the extensive local activities sections).

Vacation Guide
I was the primary writer/editor for the 186-page vacation guide, which contained many pages of editorial content (regional flavor, history, culture, activities and more) about the Los Cabos area, as well as extensive property descriptions for the villas and resorts the company represented. From this link you can look at the guide online or download a copy.

Insider’s Pocket Guide
A downloadable PDF of reviews and lists of restaurants, nightlife, beaches, activities and more in Los Cabos, as well as important phone numbers, customs info and a FAQ. Around 60 pages, and again, I was the primary writer/editor.

Email Campaigns
This is a partial example of the many promotional emails I wrote and produced (using Constant Contact) and sent out to ESSV’s various mailing lists, which I managed. You can see many more examples here, mine from July ’06 until Aug. ’08.

An example of a quarterly newsletter I wrote and produced for the property owners of ESSV. Here’s another one written quarterly for members of an ESSV travel club. This last is an example of the monthly internal newsletters, parts of which as you can see could be a bit eccentric.

Press Releases
These are not conventional press releases in the common parlance, but more like promotional pieces for ESSV, some article-like, some not. I wrote most of those posted here (exceptions noted) between July ’06 and Aug. ’08.

Print Ads
One of many ads I wrote for magazines such as Travel Agent, Cabo Living and Los Cabos Magazine.

For a couple of years, I was the voice of the Los Cabos fishing report, provided to ESSV from Pisces Fishing in Los Cabos. Search iTunes for “Los Cabos” and choose the Los Cabos Fishing Report.

After I quit to go back to freelancing, I wrote a series of blog posts about the allures of the Los Cabos, Mexico area that also contained promotional information for Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations properties and area activities. Here are a few examples:

Surf’s Up in the East Cape

Perfect Weddings with the Team of “Be That Bride Events”

Tips on Tipping in Los Cabos