"Highly useful, well written, lighthearted, with tons of real-world examples, suggestions, advice, AND answers to all those 'what-was-that-rule-again?' linguistic challenges we all face. Your copy can’t help but improve by using it."
Peter Bowerman, Author, The Well-Fed Writer

Make Your Copy Shine—Every Time

Polish Your Prose and Make Your Words Matter
The Write Word Easy Editing and Spiffy Style Guide

Whether you're a copywriter who can't afford to hire an editor, an in-house copyeditor honing your chops, or someone who wants to add fresh air to their writing efforts—while ensuring that no sentences have flat tires—The Write Word's Easy Editing and Spiffy Style Guide is for you. And at less than ten bucks, it's a steal.

The 55-Page Ebook Contains:

  • Best Practices in Editing—Learn how editing is critical to effective communication
  • Editing Tools—How to use all editing tools to maximum effect
  • Types of and Approaches to Editing—Harness the power of every editing stage
  • Proofreading Methods and Examples—Don't let typos tangle your efforts
  • Editing Checklists—Perfect your documents, step-by-step
  • Editing Resources—In-context URLs providing expanded editing knowledge
  • Style Guide Covering Numbers, Possessives, Semicolons and More!
  • A Pocketful of General Usage Tips
Editing Guide - Download Free PDF

What's in It for You?

The Guide supplies you with information and examples that save you from making egregious writing errors—your communications are crystal-clear and persuasive. Save your writing from stinky style skunks.

No matter if you write for a living or you write for the jumping joy of it, you want your writing to be stain-free. If your copy has errors, it's a stumbling, bumbling thing, and it won't command respect or the coin of the realm. Release the albatross of bad writing, and give your words wings.

Avoid Paying the Pros the Big Bucks

Why spend gazillions to pay me to clean up your writing? I wrote the Guide to give YOU a fighting chance to slay all the dragons of drab or diseased writing. Take up your sword for the cause. Where else can you get a sword for free?

Editing Guide - Download Free PDF

Wait, There's More!

Besides being chockablock full of all the editing help cited above, the Guide is also rife with kooky, zany and just plumb silly example sentences illustrating grammatical points. Even your cat will laugh.

Guaranteed Good Advice (and a Decent Joke or Two)

If you go through the book and find that it doesn't cut the excellence-in-editing mustard, you can request a full refund. Surprise: I'll give it to you!

Editing Guide - Download Free PDF
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