Not Clint Eastwood’s Chair (But Needs Filling)

My moviemaking skills are crude indeed, but sometimes it’s a stimulating creative change to move your mediums around. I’d seen on Derek Halpern’s blog that he was soliciting videos from his audience on the subject of their business needs. Derek’s focus has some overlap with Dan Pink’s and perhaps Dan Areily’s work in motivation and behavior. But Derek’s work—combining research in motivational psychology directed toward growing an online audience and growing sales of your products—is interesting on its own. And his half-manic personality probably helps win converts to his causes.

Derek’s video contest guidelines were to reveal in 60 seconds what the creator might hope to gain from his expertise. He’s going to choose a few winners to join him at a two-day workshop in Seattle (with CreativeLIVE) using tools to expand online business. I thought the metaphor of the empty chair was a good one to suggest that I wanted to use an improved online presence to drive more clients, and seeking counsel on how that presence could be shaped to a more focused audience.

I doubt if my purple plea will notch me a win, but I had jolly fun in quickly putting together the idea and the video. The satisfying part is to play—here in working with video and voice—somewhat far afield of my normal comforts. I want to push those kind of far-field buttons (though with more deliberation than my effort here) in the future, and see if I can trigger any high-voltage sparks.

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2 thoughts on “Not Clint Eastwood’s Chair (But Needs Filling)

  1. Evocative! It’s sort of RNC meets “Play Misty for Me” meets “Every Which Way But Loose,” minus the orangutan. And to keep this comment non-partisan, I’m not sayin’ who I think the orangutan is.

    So, did you win the ding-dang contest?

  2. Just found out I didn’t win the workshop, but I won in the Purple Prose, er, Purple Chair category. I will bring out the table next time. Yours, the orangutan.

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