Think Like a Writer

Think Like a Writer: How to Write the Stories You See

Think Like a Writer will corral your writing ideas—and saddle up the stories you’ve always wanted to write. Do you love language, and how words work to thrill, convince, dazzle, excite?

Every writer, whether a beginner or a veteran, has a combination of perspective, experience and ability that produces a point of view that’s theirs alone. Think Like a Writer supplies tools, strategies and prompts that will bring your unique perspective to life on the page.

The book also discusses writing at a structural level: how words work in sentences and how sentences work in stories, moving to how to use those elements and that writer’s stance to write across genres.

Whether you tell your stories to your children, your business partners, your customers or the world, this book can help you tell them with eloquence, power and persuasion. And in the voice that’s uniquely your own. With humor and clarity, Think Like a Writer will jump-start your writing work and writing play. Writing should be fun, not drudgery!

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If language is, as Tom puts it, “a bright bird, uncatchable, but worth every attempt,” this book is the lovingly prepared gilded cage, the single perfect feather caught in the net. If you have wondered what voice is, how to master it, how to free the storyteller within, this is your book. You will come away from it feeling a bright bird yourself, ready for flight.

— Therese Walsh, author of "Moon Sisters" and "The Last Will of Moira Leahy"

Think Like a Writer


Think Like a Writer shows you how to see the world as a writer. And then how to write like one.

About Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley has run a writing and editing business out of his home office for many years. He's published hundreds of pieces—ranging from first-person essays to travel pieces to more journalistic subjects—in newspapers, magazines, and online. (Venues include Forbes, Writer's Digest, the Los Angeles Times, Writer's Market, Wired, the San Francisco Chronicle and many others; he's also won three Traveler's Tales Solas awards.)

Bentley was the 1999 winner of the National Steinbeck Center's short story contest; his book of short stories, Flowering, was published in 2012. You can see examples of his published writing (and sign up for his writing-related blog and newsletter) at For further information, contact Tom Bentley at
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