Flowering and other stories

Flowering and Other Stories

Flowering and Other Stories, a 314-page collection of short fiction from California author Tom Bentley, is now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major online retailers. The book was released in print and electronic versions by the publisher, AuthorMike Ink.

Flowering is a collection of stories built around the themes of loss, social disruption, mistaken judgment and stumbling redemption. From a shoplifting sociopathic genius to a card-dealing witch offering a mystical experience at the blackjack tables to a harsh drunk who turns out to be a malignant—yet chillingly accurate—soothsayer, the story's lead characters are complex and not always charming, but their colors are memorably bright.

Location also figures significantly in other stories: settings in suburban Seattle, a bleak Arizona desert town and a tiny cottage in New Orleans all draw deeply on the native textures of their territories. From flash fiction to richly woven tales, Flowering invites you into distinct worlds, all built on story.

Flowering and Other Stories
Flowering's 16 stories are built around themes of loss, social disruption, mistaken judgment & stumbling redemption. Characters are complex and not always charming, but their colors are memorably bright.

About Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley has run a writing and editing business out of his home office for many years. He's published hundreds of pieces—ranging from first-person essays to travel pieces to more journalistic subjects—in newspapers, magazines, and online. (Venues include Writer's Digest, the Los Angeles Times, Writer's Market, Wired, the San Francisco Chronicle and many others; he's also won three Traveler's Tales Solas awards.)

Bentley was the 1999 winner of the National Steinbeck Center's short story contest; his novel, All Roads Are Circles, was published last year. You can see examples of his published writing (and his writing-related blog) at www.tombentley.com. For further information, contact Tom Bentley at bentguy@charter.net or the publisher, Mike Aliosi, at mike@authormike.com.
30 years of copyediting experience/M.A. in Creative Writing