Absence Makes the Heart Grow Sadder

Malibu chilling


Animals have an uncanny gift: they can bypass your brain and go directly to your heart. And they do this without guile, and thus are all the more captivating.

My kitty Malibu has been missing for 12 days now, and the weight of her absence is heavy. She was semi-feral when we found her six or seven years ago, and has always been an indoor-outdoor cat, often spending the warmer nights outside. So her not being around in the morning a ways back was concerning, not alarming.

Now we are alarmed.

The Soul of the Beast

When you get close to a creature, and get to know its behaviors, its whims and its eccentricities, you see that some animals have fully developed personalities. You know when a meow means contentment or annoyance, an arch of the back means alertness or calm.

Animals have a sense of humor, moods and aspirations. Look into the eyes of an animal you know well, and you can see their consciousness looking back. I know that this would prompt argument from many corners, but I believe that some animals have a soul, that they have an eternal spirit aside from the blood and bone.

That knowledge does give me some comfort, yet I ache for Malibu’s physical presence.

We have combed the neighborhood again and again, put up posters, gone to the shelter, notified the neighborhood online group, called for her endlessly. I’ve twice seen the shape of her head in the neighbor’s field, but that was just gathered grass. I’ve heard her meow, sometimes plaintively, but the the meows were just trilling birds or the squeaks of farm equipment. Twice I’ve awoken to her meowing in dreams, and rose in bed, only to realize that it was a phantom call.

Not knowing her fate is the hard part.

So, Malibu, my sweetheart, my companion, my friend, if you are out there, come home; if you are gone, rest in peace.

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7 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Sadder

  1. Heartbreaking. Hard to know if hoping is hopeless or if giving up is disloyal.

    I knew all when my brilliantly named cat Cream (guess what color he was) perished at the fangs of some viper (our rural Texas neighborhood was called Copperhead Hill.) Unhappy, but less distressing than various feline disappearances over the years.

  2. Oh, Tom, so sorry to hear that Malibu is missing! I’ve had many cats and dogs come into my life, and I’ve seen them out of it (except this last one, Joy did it for me since she was caring for Jaycee). I have always known what happened. I pray that there will be some resolution for you and that you know how happy you made Malibu during her time with you.

  3. Ceci, thank you. It is the not knowing that wears on us. That’s sweet what you say about making her happy. Alice and I both appreciate the comment.

  4. So sorry to hear that. Animals can capture our hearts to the very core. You’re right, the not knowing is the worst. Been there with my cat, Pretty Girl. Never did find out. 💕

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