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I was recently invited to wax eloquently (or just wax) on the Creating Cadence podcast, with the lovely Mich Bondesio. We discussed how my being a robot is a productivity and health aid (as long as my joints are oiled), on appreciating small moments of sparkle in life, and how nature, that outside stuff, is life enhancing and life-giving. Mich’s book, The Cadence Effect, is a no-empty-calories guide to life flow (and finding and smelling the roses) in a digital age.

I’m also close to finishing my first draft of “Jack and Me, Thirty-five Years of Whiskey-soaked Letters,” a memoir of the high-lunacy correspondence between me and the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Most of the letters (and odd objects they mailed to me over the years) are merely insane, but some are triple so.

But a first draft means just that, “draft.” Long ways to go.

Updated June 10, 2024