Photo by Goran Macura:

This Now page exists at the behest of that clever fellow, Derek Sivers, who provides instructions and encouragement for putting such a page on your site. Thanks Derek!

Yesterday, I attended my second of three Zoom orientations for potential volunteers for ENGin, a program to help Ukrainians, some refugees, but most still in Ukraine, learn conversational English skills one-on-one with a native English speaker. The ENGin folks have helped thousands of Ukrainians in their English-language efforts, and I’m going to volunteer. The initial signup is for a single hour a week, so it’s very doable, and the organization does a lot to match you up with an appropriate student.

Today I’ll finish the rough draft of my Jack Daniel’s memoir (and “rough” is central to the doc). But it is a real thing. I’m going to start editing, and exploring in more detail whether to set up a Kickstarter to fund pro editing, cover design, formatting and the like. Onward!

And, it’s still summer!

Updated June 28, 2024