Pre-ESSV Web Content and Documentation

The Perks of Professional Property Management

Tranquility on the Bay of Dreams, Baja Sur

Vertaal Translation Services

I wrote the website copy for this translation and language services company that serves Middle Eastern clients.

Source Wellness Nutritional Services

I wrote most of the content describing the health and nutrition programs for this Santa Cruz, CA-based company.

FBAT/Health Futures Group

For two years I wrote and edited an online newspaper and portal for information for the Health Futures Group, which is part of military/civilian think-tank of sorts. The group’s general commission is exploring and projecting the future of health in the year 2045, in 15-year increments from now. Sadly, despite being part of the military-industrial complex, I never got a custom uniform …

Stryker Hip Arthroscopy Brochure

Just to prove I’m hip (sorry), here’s a brochure on arthroscopic hip instruments for one of the field’s big manufacturers. This went through committee-style editing, but it does still retain a lot of my original writing. And it has words like “femoroacetabular” in there, just so you’ll have something to chew on.

Bob Poole

I wrote most of the site content for this super sales consultant and business guru.

La Famiglia radio ad

I wrote this 60-second radio slot for a restaurant. Broadcast on KYW Newsradio, a mainstream Philadelphia radio station.

Colorado Ranch Weddings

Using my vast knowledge about marriage, I wrote promotional material for this vacation site, as well as for its sister site. Most of the content on these pages is mine.

Websense (now called Forcepoint)

I had a six-month contract with this enterprise-level security company, writing and editing help/deployment documentation for their Data Security product. Here’s a chapter of the Deployment Guide I did a lot of work on, including taking/processing screen shots; docs laid out in Framemaker. I also wrote and edited Knowledge Base articles.

This business services development company engaged me to write their website content, as well as write several direct mail pieces for marketing campaigns and a series of data sheets for their development tools.

Maxis (a division of Electronic Arts)
As an employee or contractor, I wrote or edited 20 user manuals for Maxis (now a division of Electronic Arts), the company renowned for SimCity and other “Sim” software entertainment titles. I wrote the first user manual for The Sims. I also wrote “catalog” copy for The Sims 2, and in-game advisor text for SimCity 4.

Red i Studios
I wrote in-game text/dialog for Banks in Action, an educational banking simulation Red i developed for Junior Achievement. I wrote and edited in-game text and collateral documentation for both versions of JA Titan, a business/economics simulation game for Junior Achievement. I also wrote much of Red i’s website content and other text for a viral game related to Titan. I wrote commentator dialog for a Leapfrog kids’ baseball game developed by Red i.

Nautilus Resort
I wrote most of the site text for this great dive resort in Kosrae, Micronesia.


I edited Sun Microsystem’s
Chilisoft ASP documentation (and what a long, eye-torquing journey it was).

The Learning Company (now part of Houghton Mifflin
(now Broderbund)
I wrote the manuals and online help for Grade Builder and Score Builder educational games (now discontinued). Print samples available.