Focus, Write, and Change Worlds

Focus. Then Write.

A couple of shout-outs to people doing good work—and they are pretty much giving it away! First up, Leo Babauta, the founder of the fine blog, Zen Habits, has published a new book titled Focus. If you are familiar with his blog, you’ll know that Leo is a wise fellow who offers techniques and approaches to seeing things in a big-picture perspective, not sweating the small stuff, and learning to listen to your inner voice—and to consciously act on that listening. His new book is about finding simplicity in the age of distraction.

That’s a fine thing, but finer yet, is that the book is available as a free download. The for-sale version has a bunch of extras, but being able to get the full 120-page version of the book for free is a gift. Thanks Leo.

Magic Formula: Muse, Write, Change the World!
The other present-with-balloons is from the soulful gals (who are also my pals), Pace and Kyeli at Connection Revolution. A little while back, they offered a World-Changing Writing Workshop that was chockablock with info from the stellar minds (and keyboards) of folks like Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPort, Jennifer Louden, Jonathan Fields and Sonia Simone and lots more. The course material—audio recordings and transcripts—centers on understanding and learning how to craft writing that makes a difference; how to produce writing that’s real, and that spreads ripples. A pretty good deal at $297.

They’ve got a better deal, and a mighty generous one: in honor of NaNoWriMo, you can get the workshop in all its writerly wonder, for whatever you can pay. That pretty much means you could pay with a coconut, or a single buck, though considering what these guys put into it, two coconuts would be better. Really though, this is a deal, and a big deal. But it’s only good until this Saturday, the 23rd at midnight, when the workshop turns into a pumpkin.

Full disclosure: I get no coconuts or any other forms of wampum from mentioning these things. But these are good people doing good stuff, and I wanted to share.

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6 thoughts on “Focus, Write, and Change Worlds

  1. Tom, Leo has an excellent model there for spreading the ideas in his book- free and paid. Seth Godin has alluded to that model, and Chris Anderson expands and expounds in great detail in “Free: The History of a Radical Price”

    You should consider it. I should consider it. Gack should certainly consider it.

    Now get back to work, man!

  2. This, from Leo’s new book:

    “Separate your day: a time for creating, and a time for consuming and communicating. And never shall the twain meet.”

    I recognize the wisdom in this, but sitting here with my laptop’s multiple windows open to your blog and other interesting destinations… I resist.

  3. Rick, thanks for reminding me of that modern model, that has a lot of good thinking (and good momentum) behind it. I just finished writing an editing and style guide—that I must, sigh, put in a decent PDF layout—that I’m going to sell from my site, the first “for sale” piece, in place with my two current free PDFs. I’ll have to look at it with that sense of freemium as well; have to think on that one.

    Gack, of course, gave freely of sound advice and by the example of his unfettered intrepidity. And polished boots.

  4. Annie, I resist too. But I sometimes try to employ good advice in half-measures. For instance, I was told by an acupuncturist (who punctured me) yesterday that I might eschew my evening cocktail or two for a while, just to see if that had any uplifting effect on my well-being.

    Hmmm. Maybe I can make it just one, in a bigger glass? I have to check out Leo’s stuff in the book—I’ve only taken a peek so far. But I know he’s not a sandpaper ascetic—he’s more the “take a look and see what you can moderate, and feel good about it” guy. He might still cheat at poker though.

  5. “Maybe I can make it just one, in a bigger glass?”

    Haha, is that like the effect of breaking cookies into smaller pieces and thus reducing their calories? (Same thing in three pieces instead of one- half the calories!)

    Congrats Tom on the “for sale” piece- as always I shall spread the word about it when you ship.

  6. Rick, my secret is that I put the cookie pieces in the single glass too—still just one drink in my judgement. Palatable is another question.

    Thanks on the congrats, but I have a ways to go; gotta lay the dang thing out so it’s prettier than me, and then have to figure out landing pages, ejunkie, making sure the electronic fulfillment is correct and the like. And I thought I was out of school…

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