How to See Through a Writer’s Eyes: Listen—?


I’ve been working on a short book that has the working title “How to See Through a Writer’s Eyes.” Maybe it’s because I wear glasses and only see so far, but I’m going to suggest you get a taste of that book by listening to me read the introduction.

My intent in writing the book is to help people see that the world is built of stories—and that with a little guidance on where to find and use those sentence-building tools, you can be one of the builders. More on the book’s progress later.

[Not sure why, but it seems you have to click on the play button twice. Moses and the rock, I suppose …]

5 thoughts on “How to See Through a Writer’s Eyes: Listen—?

  1. Excellent to hear the story of how you became a writer, Tom. I only knew the dinosaurs-in-the-library part. Turns out there’s so much more!

    Yes yes I wish to purchase and learn from this book, so I’d reckon your introduction is a fine one.

    And now I have to try to figure out why I write. Never gave that question much consideration. I suppose all of us who employ the pen (and keystroke) with serious intent should mull on the reasons why.

  2. Love hearing you read.

    I started writing to find out what I believe about all the things that aren’t black and white (which is most of life, I guess.)

    I continue writing to see how much I can grow, on the page and in the world.

    And that’s why I’d snatch this book up in a heartbeat.

  3. Rick, yes, the intro is derived from a couple of essays I’d written before. But there’s always so much more, isn’t there? So much of my interest in books came from seeing my mother read them (which I’ve written about before, and will in this book too). If words soak into your skin early, you feel uncomfortable if they aren’t around.

    Oh, you don’t have to search far for why you write: to entertain me, of course.

  4. Joel, I love that comment about writing to find out what you believe. Yep. And to find out what you don’t believe, either. Or what you believe at that very moment, e.g., “Fish tacos are the perfect food!”

    Really though, writing is such an exploration of our perceptions, and it’s always a sweet scone of pleasure to discover something about how the world (or our world) works through writing about it. I write sometime to surprise myself.

    Hmm, in reading my comment, it seems I’m hungry…

  5. Ah, yes, Tom, and I do hope I’ve been entertaining!

    I realize that one reason I write is that, regrettably, I do not seem to have a great deal of Opinion Leadership (in the language of Diffusion of Innovations theory) via in-person encounters. Wish I knew why. But there’s always another way. Writing gives me a better shot at saying something that changes things.

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