A Short Story Collection Is Born: Flowering Has Blossomed

Literary Longing: This Book Needs A Mind to Mate With

Do you remember those peddlers-of-all-things that were often depicted in movies of a bygone era, the guys who had a ramshackle cart tipping to the side with a boggling bounty of goods? These were the sellers of battered pots, a hank of yarn, a chisel, some kind of tonic nostrum that couldn’t cure a statue, and maybe hidden under a blanket, a barrel of home brew that would melt that statue down? You know, the folks that would travel from town to town selling bits and pieces, trading tales and then move on? Yeah, those guys.

I feel a little like one of those guys today, because I’m traveling through the ether to offer you Flowering and Other Stories, a freshly published collection of my short fiction. The metaphor isn’t exactly accurate, because though the book is chockablock full of tales of different shapes and sizes, both tinsnips and horse halters, there is some thematic unity among the mongrels. Essentially, these are stories about people in some kind of trouble—with society, with each other, with their very selves. Tensions in love, tensions in personal ambition, tensions in all the colors of the emotional quilts we wear through our days. For every breakthrough, a breakdown.

So, this collection is a cart with a horse, but it’s drawn by conflict—both hobbled and exalted by those things that make us human. It’s available through all the usual suspects, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and on the Kindle; a bit later on the Nook. (The official release for print is May 22, so it won’t ship until then; the Kindling is available now.)

And if you do grab one, and feel inspired enough to write an online review, I’ll steer my cart your direction and darn (never damn) your socks for free. If I can just find that thread…