The Clarion Call for Freelancers

They like us, they really LIKE us (with apologies to Sally Fields). When’s the last time you saw a notice that it was Hug a Freelancer Day? OK, OK, it’s not quite that, but it is an event for freelancers of every stripe to gain networking insights, gig-getting tips and savvy stuff about the freelancing biz from some of the heavyweights in marketing, social media, copywriting and more. And it’s free, you dig?

Just go to the International Freelancers Day signup page and you’re good to go—you’ll get 24 video presentations from the likes of Brian Clark, Jonathan Fields, Pam Slim and maybe even Krusty the Clown. The thing is, it starts tomorrow and goes through the 25th, but the presentations will be “live” in the sense that you have to watch them at the scheduled time. Check all that info out here.

So, good stuff, for free—not bad. And the next time you see any quivering, lonely freelancers wondering when they will next be asked to write a zingy tagline, give them a hug. And maybe $1,000 on retainer.

Bonus Punctuation Alert!
Just when you thought the world was safe from apostrophe apoplexy and the punctuation police out to expunge those cute but unnecessary quotation marks, comes National Punctuation Day! Take a semicolon out to lunch…