“Tom Bentley is a gifted editor and writer. He is also a kind human being which, for me, was an essential quality in someone I was going to trust with the book I had been writing for fourteen years.

“My book was too long. Everyone agreed it was too long but no one could tell me what to delete. Tom expertly went through it and identified sections which could be omitted or shortened without the book losing its essence. He removed sections that were superfluous. He asked thoughtful questions which helped me re-write parts that needed re-writing. He gave me honest feedback on what worked and what did not work in the book. He grasped beautifully what I was aiming to achieve and dedicated the time that was necessary to do it right and help the book get there.

“Tom also went above and beyond by verifying and formatting the reference section and helped me write an addendum with updated research information that was needed for one of the chapters. Lastly, he gave me resources and advice on publishing which was an unexpected bonus.

“My book is a far better work after Tom’s input and editing. He provided professionalism, warmth, excellent writing skills and attention to detail, all at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Tom Bentley for anyone looking for an editor.”
—Elizabeth Breen, memoir author seeking publication

Book Recommendation: Think Like A Writer: How to Write the Stories You See
“You’ll never see the world in the same way again once you’ve seen it through Bentley’s eyes. He’ll teach you to see like a writer, which can only give you more vivid powers of observation. Bentley is witty, clever and passionately in love with words.”
Joan Dempsey, author and editor

“Tom Bentley edited two of my books and did an amazing job. His attention to detail, knowledge of book formatting norms and speed of work would be difficult to match. He turned around the initial sweep of my most recent book in just four days! I’m very pleased with the service I received from Tom and would definitely hire him again in the future.”
Patrick Schwerdtfeger, author of Anarchy, Inc.

“Your article is fantastic, thank you for such great coverage. Of the hundreds of articles I’ve read covering the 150th anniversary and restoration yours is by far my favorite, starting with the headline. I’ve shared the article with the Steam team and our Senior Staff. Again, thank you for your time on this.”
— Kristen South, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications & Media Relations, Union Pacific Railroad

“Tom Bentley and The Write Word provide outstanding copy editing services with a very disciplined approach. I recommend Tom to all authors who are in need of editing assistance.”
Vince Hough, author of Residential Solar Energy: Your Guide To Whether Solar Will Save You Money

“With each successive piece Tom has written for me, his ideas and approach to the subjects has moved more in line with what I am looking for. He has the ability to find subjects to write about, the willingness to accept directions and to try them out—or think of ways to improve upon my suggestions—and he accepts editing with good cheer.”
Allen Freeman, Works in Progress editor – The American Scholar magazine

“Finding an editor who is truly thorough is no easy task, but Tom Bentley is that rare editor who gets it right. We have worked on many projects together and his work is exceptional every single time. I highly recommend his services!”
Stephanie Chandler, owner – Authority Publishing

“Tom was great to work with. I implemented all his edits and rewrite suggestions. He always met his timeframe forecasts and was very responsive to all my questions. He quickly adopts the writer’s voice which is very helpful. With Tom’s help, my book is a much better product. Thanks Tom.”
Rick Wong, CEO/Founder – The Five Abilities

“Whether you write white papers, web content, case studies or commercials, The Write Word Editing and Style Guide gives you the copyediting chops to make your words work. Really like this guide from Tom Bentley: highly useful, well written, lighthearted, with tons of real-world examples, suggestions, advice, AND answers to all those “what-was-that-rule-again?” linguistic challenges we all face. Your copy can’t help but improve by using it.”
Peter Bowerman — The Well-Fed Writer

“Tom is a brilliant writer. He did an amazing editing job on my book The Mad Duck. His choice of words and style are distinct. Tom made The Mad Duck a thousand times better. I will certainly use him for future editing and would recommend him any day. Tom is also very kind.”
Princess Umul Hatiyya — The Globetrotting Princess

“Tom has been a freelance writer for Airstream Life magazine for about seven years, contributing dozens of articles on a wide range of subjects. His professionalism makes my job as Editor much easier, because he delivers quality work, on time.”
Rich Luhr, publisher – Airstream Life Magazine

“I have written a novel, and Tom served (and is still serving) as my editor. This is a rather large work, at 240,000 words. He corrected details of grammar and sentence structure with high levels of accuracy; my impression is that nothing escaped his attention. Much more than that, however, he gave guidance on content and structure that made my book many, many times better than it was.
I would have to say that Tom helped me transform it.”
Dr. Richard Wilson — Bite Point

“Tom Bentley did a masterful job at editing my novel, Treasure of the Mayan King. I guess you could say he ironed out the ‘wrinkles’ in my manuscript to create a smooth readable product. I already have future manuscripts slated for him to edit. I trust completely in his talents to make a winning product.”
Kudos to Tom!
Alex Zabala – Arcani Arts

“Tom’s work with Edgy Conversations was transformational. He brought the words together into a series of chapters that made the story powerful. His suggestions were insightful and helpful. Simply invaluable.”
Dan Waldschmidt — Edgy Conversations

“I hired Tom for some freelance editing work on highly technical documentation under an extremely tight timeframe and was amazed at how quickly and well he could produce the work. I was very fortunate to have him on my team and would hire him again in a minute (or less)!”
Megan Davis Seagren — Megan Seagren and Associates

“Tom is a gifted writer. His style and grammar are impeccable. Tom is funny in the smartest way, and smart in the funniest way, which is to say he is a genius. I would trust him with any kind of copy, from small projects (articles, essays) to full manuscripts (business, nonfiction, fiction, and creative writing style books). And if you need help with your overall writing career direction (creating a blog, marketing, branding) he’s brilliant, and if he cannot help you, he can steer you in the right direction.”
Mary Louise Penaz

“Tom did some writing for me a couple of years ago, and I would hire him again in a second. He has a rare talent with words, and the dexterity to shape them appropriately for the individual needs and voice of every client. His good humor and easy-goingness make him a real pleasure to work with.”
Rachel Radway

“Tom is an exceptional talent. His abilities as a writer extend beyond the norm and into the realm of the truly brilliant and insanely amusing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an equally gifted wordsmith.”
Robert Trama

“Tom is an amazing talent – very funny and creative. I highly recommend Tom!”
Jenny Martin

“I highly recommend Tom for any writing or editing your company needs. I’ve used his services for years on a wide assortment of projects and have never been disappointed. His expertise is daunting, his knowledge almost scary and his work is always on the mark: humorous when needed, deeply serious when not. Hire him … but don’t keep him so busy that he won’t have time for my projects. My only regret is that I can only check three attributes to extol.”
Michael Bremer