Video Projects

Though the old joke “he has a face meant for radio” might apply, I enjoy playing with video for my blog posts and occasionally for clients, though it’s been a while since I’ve made anything new.

The oldtimers were filmed with digital cameras from a ways back (some from a ways back of aways back), some filmed straight from my MacBook. Many of them are deeply ridiculous, which is a nutritional requirement.

I’m happy to write a voiceover script for your video project (I have longer professional examples than are shown here) or work on video concepts and filming with you. Please get in touch.

Here’s a Medium Day presentation I did on how memories work in the writing of memoirs, comparing my shoplifting memoir from events 50 years ago to the clarity of the memoir I’m currently working on, which has 30 years of printed correspondence (and weird mailed objects) from the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.

Chatting with the Bourbon Sasquatch

Me on a video chat with the Emperor of All Things Bourbon (AKA Steve Akley) on one of his many podcasts. I’m in my ’66 Airstream office, blathering about shoplifting, Las Vegas, and yes, whiskey. Published in January 2022.

The next one below is actually a client project (text by me; voiceover by Alice Bourget); obviously I need skills refinement, but you have to start somewhere.

Here’s a book trailer for my short story collection, Flowering and Other Stories. (Free title story download from link.) You will notice the movie has the advantage of having not one, but TWO actual trailers. Other authors are writhing in envy.

This one was for a Wine Spectator contest. Again, text by me, voiceover by Alice Bourget.

The subtle debate over whether poetry is related to vegetable shapes or hair density.

Barnyard animals heatedly discussing what “new marketing” really means.

Any excuse to down a snootful of hootch, Mr. Bentley reviews three whiskies, in the spirit (90-proof spirit) of Gary Vaynerchuk

Yeah, I had to jump on the bandwagon too—a take on the Old Spice commercials:

How Seth Godin’s book, Tribes, might work as a stuffed-animal play

Editing: It’s Brutal

Most people don’t realize just how dangerous editing is. So consider these videos as public service announcements.

Here’s one from a blog post on active and passive verbs. In this case, I mean VERY active verbs (and dynamic editing):

And continuing down the garden path on editing mania, I give you Vikings, the Original Editors:

The Vikings didn’t have chain saws, otherwise they would have used them as editing tools as well:

I just can’t get enough of making editing videos, especially when they involve sharp objects: