Writing Is Music (Warning! Tintinnabulation Alert!)

Words are creatures with different voices, different moods. One combination might sing, another scream. Thus, it’s time to hit you with my rhythm stick, one so POEtic.

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6 thoughts on “Writing Is Music (Warning! Tintinnabulation Alert!)

  1. Ting-a-LING.

    Did you have fun creating this, Tom? Because I had fun listening to it. Twice. If I’d randomly stumbled across it somewhere like podcastalley.com, I’d be searching for your other recordings (hoping to find ongoing inspiration for business copy, blog writing & general storytelling).

    It’s one thing to read articles about how to write. It’s a whole other thing to be hit (gently, sonorously, of course) with Tom Bentley’s podcastic rhythm stick. Both options have their merits. But the latter option engages me—and my storytelling mind—at a different level.

  2. Hi Annie. I SORT of had fun doing this, but I made some mistakes in the recording, then went through a bunch of mumbo-jumbo with some audio conversions and audio perversions and then with WordPress, so the process was convoluted, to say the least. And that’s a lot of least.

    But I do like messing with audio, and do want to change modes in the blogging now and then (and I have to partially thank you for the idea, so thank ). [Note, partially lame partial thank-you joke over now.]

    Anyway, I will try some more of these; thanks for listening.

  3. Joel, thank you. I’m feeling dissatisfied and low about everything I’m doing lately, so I appreciate the thumbs up. It does make me think you should do some “King of the Road” posts during your nomadness.

  4. Did you already know Roger Miller is my foremost musical hero? I mean, I love Dylan and Lennon/McCartney and all, but Roger had a way of sounding so completely vulnerably human when he wrote. Like, I hate hate hate maudlin mawkishness, but I’ll listen to “One Dyin’ and a Buryin’ ” every chance I get and grin like an idiot through my tears.

    I wanna come fix you breakfast and sit on your porch and talk about why life is perfect and wonderful.

  5. Joel, having had the pleasure before, I’ll take you up on one of those breakfasts again, when the timing’s right for the breaking of the fast. And there’s something Henry Miller (Roger’s older brother) like in the “why life is perfect and wonderful.” And a Monty Python sketch in there too. Thanks.

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