Brutal Poetry Smackdown!

I used an interesting creative tool from Xtranormal to create this lively literary debate. It’s a fun tool, because you can add all kinds of camera angles, effects and gestures to your characters and settings. But I also thought it might be a great educational tool to prompt kids to write—as you can see, it’s not wholly necessary to have your characters speak sensibly. Passionately, yes.

Even though the cinematic challenges are at a pretty fundamental level, there’s also a good deal to learn here about moviemaking, with the availability of the tools to change perspective and the flavors of scenes. I only spent about a half-hour making this one, and it shows, but there’s potential to make something quite effective and communicative. Thanks to Rex Williams, my friend on Triiibes, for pointing Xtranormal out.

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5 thoughts on “Brutal Poetry Smackdown!

  1. I dig. You give good dialogue, and the boy (specs, big hair, peach schnapps scent) is like a cartoon version of the real Tom Bentley.

  2. “I am a minor deity with power over #2 pencils.”

    Yeah, Schnapps-boy seems an awful lot like Tommy, which made her total smacking even more painful.

    rutabega out of a possible watermelon on the snort scale.

  3. No, no Annie—the real Tom Bentley is a cartoon version of that kid. Though I haven’t had peach schnapps since I shoplifted it in high school (and thus deserved its belly-of-broken-glass effect).

    Joel, he’s not that much like me; he has no affection at all for the semicolon (and probably couldn’t care less about the parenthetical). Thanks for all the snorts.

  4. “You have so much to learn Little Man.”

    Gosh, it just doesn’t seem like I hear this enough. Although, I do hear it often. Like just the other day while I was trying to impress my boss. It must be one of his favorite sayings…

  5. Kelly, I am so happy that I could provide you with those comforting words for those moments when your boss isn’t around. There’s nothing like the voice of authority to teach and inspire! Feel free to play the video whenever you need a little (man) pick-me-up.

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