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10 thoughts on “Chainsaw Your Compositions!

  1. The slow hoopman makes more shots in that short clip than I’ve made in my entire life.

    Forwarding this to my friend Caitlyn, who has a degree in Imaginative Teaching. This is its very embodiment.

    I’m shipping the bowling ball express freight collect.

  2. Joel, I will feed and water the bowling ball nightly, in the hopes it grows up to look like its father, mustache and all.

    I hope Caitlyn has figured out how to paddle a kayak out of gravel—I’m still getting nowhere.

  3. Mr. Magney, your alliterative adjective-stacking will deliver you to publication purgatory, but I do admire your style. (I dribble a bit when I’m at lunch as well.)

  4. Magnificent. If you could slow down the adjective-delivery to match the hoopmeister’s speed I could show this to a classroom of anti-avid constructors of sentences.

  5. Anti-avid constructors? Is that a python with some kind of belly-torquing talent? As I suggested, I do need some slowing down of adjective delivery—maybe when that spinal urge to unload adjectives willy-nilly crops up, I should just put in an ellipsis. Then all my writing will be like a yoga session.


  6. Love it, Tom!

    You’re like a “writer yogi,” helping people ease into new, more flexible writerly positions. Indeed, I found this video very downward-facing dog in its ability to rejuvenate me and clear my sinuses.

  7. Well, better a writer yogi (does that come with an outfit?) than an actual yogi. I tried to do a video yoga session today, and the whole of the four other yoga sessions I’ve done in my life helped me to realize that all of my joints are as fluid as granite.

    But writer yogis, they just have to have stretchy typing fingers, no?

    Glad I was able to make that dog bark in your sinuses.

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