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With Your Help, We’ve Got It Covered

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So, it’s pretty picture time! Well, I hope at least one is a pretty picture. Here are four comps for the cover of my book. As I’d mentioned before, the book is about how to recognize—nay, invoke your writing voice, and how to see stories everywhere. And how to net those elusive butterflies and imprint them on the page, whether that page carries fiction or non. I’d love for the book cover design to grab your writer’s eye.

Here are the chapter titles:

  • Chapter One: Don’t Muzzle or Muffle Your Writing Voice
  • Chapter Two: A Writer’s Eyes Are Always Open
  • Chapter Three: Slipping Through Various Writing Fences [writing across genres and disciplines]
  • Chapter Four: Writing Structures: Words, Sentences, Punctuation Marks, Oh My!
  • Chapter Five: Writing Distractions, and All Their Discontents
  • Chapter Six: Practical Matters [writing resources, links]

I’ll provide a closer look at the book’s content when I’m rounding the last corner on its publication. To push me to that corner faster, I need your help. Can you look over these four cover examples, and consider them for their design and title? You can see there are a few title variants that I’m mulling here, such as:

Opening Your Writer’s Eyes: A Guidebook to Go from Perception to Page
Opening Your Writer’s Eyes: A Guidebook from Perception to Page
Opening Your Writer’s Eyes: Go from Perception to Page
Opening Your Writer’s Eyes: How to Go from Perception to Page


The other questions are which type treatment is most appealing, which images and arrangement, and which background color. But it’s probably easiest for you to simply choose which of these works best for you. Let’s call top-left #1, top-right #2, bottom-left #3, and bottom-right #4

I’d appreciate hearing from you on your selection and/or any of the elements in question. I’ll normally don’t overlap my blog posts with my newsletter, but I sent this out to the newsletter audience as well, to get a broader sampling. I greatly appreciate your help.

Let me know what strikes you most soundly in your writerly solar plexus. (Or your gut, if we can be that intimate.) Please email me at bentguy@charter.net if you’d like to cast your vote. Or if you just want my recipe for rhubarb whiskey.

Big thanks!

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3 thoughts on “With Your Help, We’ve Got It Covered

  1. Trebuchet font.

    Oh, sorry, that’s another book.

    Bottom-left #3. The clean font informs us that we shall find your book crisp, concise and to the point.

    I like:
    Opening Your Writer’s Eyes: Go from Perception to Page
    -when I see it written plain, on a blank field, like here where I’ve pasted it in.

    However, when I look at the actual book covers,
    Opening Your Writer’s Eyes: How to Go from Perception to Page
    -calls me to action. Somehow, that seems important.

    Hope these thoughts help! And will your tome be published soon? I rather need it before saying my latest effort is complete. Which it’s not yet, but I need this guide of yours, definitely.

  2. Rick, I have a lot of favor toward #3 as well, and have a leaning toward the “How to” as well. I have received a couple of responses not favoring the “How,” but I’m going to tally all in a few days. I do like the succinctness of just “Go” as well. So, as usual, I am teeter-tottering.

    I’m also leaning toward using “Open” rather than “Opening,” from a respondent’s suggestion—it carries the same kind of call to action (to me, at least) that you suggest in the other phrase.

    As for when, I have been avoiding the final proofing, because I really need to print it out and go over it by hand, and I’ve been lazy; after that I can get to the ebook formatting and fussing. It’s in Scrivener now, which has been great for chapter shifting, but some of its compile functions that cover formatting subtleties are a bit abstruse to me.

    I am going to print out all the cover samples this weekend to see them in the flesh. (Yes, I print all my documents on parchment.)

    Thanks for your help!

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