8 thoughts on “Book Trailer, Whoo Daddy, Is This a Book Trailer

  1. I’m intoxicated by the sight of those moccasins, Alice’s cinematography and the Executive Producer. Well done, all of you!

  2. The moccasins are intoxicating, if you soak them in corn liquor first, and chew heartily. I am working with George Clooney’s agent for the next book trailer. (Just his agent though; Clooney’s too expensive.)

  3. I think the moccasins were a deliberate distraction. I’m focusing on the not so subliminal message for your following: a rolling book trailer, geometric page averaging, some kind of raft underneath the plant directly behind you in the video. Noah, are you expecting rain?

  4. By gawd, a rollicking film, packed with dramatic action every step of the way! Best book trailer ever! But, what, no segars?

  5. Madman Mike, there SHOULD have been seegars! I should have strapped one to that little trailer, or have been smoking one Groucho-style while I was laboring with the rope. Next time, my friend.

  6. Why, Mrs. Jourdain, I do appreciate you stopping by the square dance. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and I’ll put you in a movie. As long as you are wearing purple boots…

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