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Thanks. No Really, I Mean It

Picture a frosty gin and tonic here in about an hour and a half

If you’ve seen some recent posts of mine, you might suspect I’ve been having a peculiar time in the Bahamas. I have the unique skill set of being able to turn a stretch of time on this lovely island into a cage of sorts. Nonetheless, this image above shows where Alice and I went snorkeling this morning.

The water was sharply clear. We saw a lovely school of blue tang romping about a big chunk of coral. (They were tangy, indeed.) I appreciated the moments we were there, and that’s what I need to keep uppermost in mind. Appreciating the tangy moments. I’m still working on appreciating those with less tang, but there’s progress there too.

Thus, with gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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11 thoughts on “Thanks. No Really, I Mean It

  1. Do you mean the tang that went with the astronauts when they first went into space…are you that old :-)?

  2. Maybe if it was an itty-bitty-teeny-tiny-polka dot bikini. Hope Turkey day was liquidly inspiring. I had Jack Daniels and toasted you. I bought you a bottle too, only to be informed I can’t mail alcohol through the USPS. Sucks. So I sent a card instead. Happy happy….

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