The Viking Origin of Editing

As a historian who relies exclusively on lies, only I can sufficiently explain that Vikings were the original editors. And effective editors they were.

Please view the film below, where I let the world know about the early—and brutal—days of editing, and how that has affected editors today.

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5 thoughts on “The Viking Origin of Editing

  1. Well Joel, history’s secrets often don’t surface until much later. For instance, did you know that Marco Polo invented the popsicle? I didn’t either.

    Glad Fiona and Sue found something of interest in my epic!

  2. You use words with such wild abandon, it’s almost easy to disbelieve your hysterical; er, historical revelations.

    I’ve noticed, in my life, that most liars use words. This is what makes them such dangerous tools.

    Not that I’m calling YOU a liar. This time.

  3. Oh Joel, I don’t use words—they use me. Or I just stumblingly try to herd them, with mixed effect. As for the lies, they are just an accessory item, like a nice scarf, to dress up the table.

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